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Milk is bottled fresh making its way from cow to customer within 24 hours. 1/2 gallon containers (pre-orders recommended) are available.

Please follow "milk" signs once you have arrived. 


We are NY state inspected and licensed to sell raw milk. Our finished product is the result of implementing the highest possible welfare practices right where production begins. To us, that means the beginning of the calf(who will go on to produce it)'s existence. Just as the beginning of a human's pregnancy is marked by the first day, of her last cycle, we are considering the nourishment, development, and overall health of the calf-to-be, even before she is CONCEIVED. 

Once they have reached a safe age/weight, cows are bred naturally by our field bull who lives with the dry herd 24/7, 365 days/year. Before hand though, extra care is taken to make sure her lactation period has ended, and that a new cycle has begun, ensuring her overall endocrine function is that of a non-lactating cow. A cow will give quite everything she has to her calf. Both gestationally and lactationally... so we try to set her up for that the best way we know how: letting her body and mind focus on ONE AT A TIME. Calves (BOTH MALE AND FEMALE) are offered an unlimited amount of fresh, high quality, raw milk that's available 24/7 and are gradually wean @ 5 months old. The structure and strength difference this makes is undeniable.

As the sayings go, "If the bones are good" or "when built on a foundation of stone" the house won't fall. And the way we see it, the dairy cow does fall apart where her bones do. We owe it to her, to not let that happen, and give her the strongest, longest life possible. Indirectly, our customers receive the highest quality milk possible with safe, naturally balanced components. After seeing what a tremendous impact going the extra mile can make over the years, rest assure, we won't be turning back!   

Be advised, we are managed but not certified organic. This is because it takes an astronomically enormous amount of grass/pasture/hay to feed our cows and this means harvesting grass hay on land we don't own, where sed property/s is/are under the owner's discretion. Additionally, although we try our best to never use, and rarely need to, if a particular instance absolutely requires the use of antibiotics to save one of our girls, after everything they do for us, we are proud to say that we will treat her accordingly. Similarly, parasites can wreak havoc on a calf/cow's system. We won't allow we'll step in as intervention is needed. Milk from anyone treated is discarded for double any required withhold you can be sure that our milk is 100% free of any pollutants. 

Other than this, we use regenerative, intentional techniques to steward the land and cows NATURALLY! 


The milk is bottled fresh making its way from cow to customer within 24 hours. 1/2 gallon containers (pre-orders recommended) are available.

Please follow "milk" signs once you have arrived. 


*We want everyone to have a chance to try our milk. Though we'd love to keep prices reasonable, we ask that our customers understand that producing milk the way we do is extremely rare and costly. You also should know your support and shared compassion for today’s dairy cows means the world to us! Thank you for choosing milk that is ethically produced. 

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